Vinegars & Aminos

A brand with a long-standing British Heritage, Rayner's has been providing culinary excellence since 1851. We decided to shake things up a bit in 2017 by giving the range a refresh. We've added some exciting new flavours and contemporary bottles, giving our health-conscious consumers a product they are proud to display in their kitchens.  We started with the Organic Raw vinegar range and wherever possible made sure the vinegar was unfiltered and contained the 'Mother’. To find out more about the 'Mother’ and why it’s so great click the button below. We have now extended the family by adding premium quality Organic Cold Pressed Oils to the line and where possible ensured that they too are unfiltered.

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Click the images below to find nutritional information on each product.


Organic Apple cider vinegar with the 'Mother'

Our RAW vinegar has a delicate aroma and distinctive apple flavour which is ideal for dressings, sauces and marinades. Used for centuries to promote wellbeing, mix a tablespoonful in a glass of water with honey for a refreshing drink to start the day.

Organic Red wine vinegar with the 'Mother’

This unique red wine vinegar, in that it contains ‘the Mother, has a delicate aroma and characteristic red wine flavour - this is perfect for dressings, sauces and marinades. A great accompaniment to hearty dishes.

Organic White Wine Vinegar with the 'Mother'

This unique white wine vinegar, in that it contains ‘the Mother, is an ideal choice for light meals, fish dishes and sharp sauces. Just like all of our vinegars this one can be used to create an invigorating drink when mixed with water.


Organic Pomegranate Vinegar with the 'Mother'

Rich in antioxidants, this vinegar is finished with a dash of pomegranate juice to enhance that delicious fruity flavour and distinctive taste. Use as a salad dressing, marinade or glaze or with honey and ice as a summer drink.

Organic Coconut Vinegar

With similar benefits to apple cider vinegar, coconut vinegar alkalises food once ingested. Our coconut vinegar has a gentle taste and scent with a nutty finish. At zero calories and being fat free this vinegar is a great addition for a calorie-controlled diet.

Organic Coconut Aminos

This is a low sodium, gluten free alternative to soya sauce, containing only organic coconut flower blossom nectar and pure sun-dried sea salt. That's it! This simple, unique process creates a completely different sauce that includes 17 naturally-occurring amino acids, Vitamins B and C and potassium. Unusual and versatile it can be used in stir fries, salad dressings, marinades, and as a seasoning ingredient.