Life is beautiful with Urtekram body care!

This is how all great stories used to start a long time ago including Urtekram’s, which began in Mariager, Denmark, in 1972.

In a time when the pioneer spirit, a sense of community and awareness of the environment were coming to the fore, Urtekram’s founders, Lisbeth Damsgaard and Ronnie McGrail opened a small herb shop in Copenhagen, using simple ingredients to create a range of natural skincare preparations.

Today, nature and its powerful herbs are still central to the Urtekram range. All Urtekram products are certified by the COSMOS- Organic Standard (the internationally recognised standard for organic and natural cosmetics), vegan-approved and without unnecessary chemicals such as parabens and other synthetic ingredients.

Rose, purple lavender, aloe vera and coconut are just a few of the delectable, natural scent profiles of Urtekram’s hair and body care range that are designed to bring the splendour of the natural world right into the bathroom. Urtekram is available from Ocado and independent health food stores.