The ORIGINAL honey and apple cider vinegar


Honegar is a deliciously drinkable tonic combining pure unpasteurised honey and the finest apple cider vinegar to create a refreshing and health-boosting nectar. 

The unique formulation is based on a traditional folk recipe which was passed down through generations and was found to be helpful in the relief of joint related pains and other related symptoms, as well as assisting with digestion, promoting weight loss and maintaining the body's natural balance. It is a winning combination of honey and apple cider vinegar. The honey, is popular as a high energy food, known for its natural antiseptic, soothing and cleansing properties is also packed with amino acids, trace elements, calcium, potassium and iron. Cider vinegar has been valued for its' medicinal properties since 3000BC when the Egyptians reputedly used it to treat a variety of health ailments. Honegar has an international following with devotees including Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who swears by the preparation to keep his arthritis at bay.



Honegar is available from Holland and Barrett and independent health food retailers.

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