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We have spent years creating eye-catching colours, sumptuous flavours and delicious ingredients for every level of culinary requirement from home cooking to professional catering. The syrups have recently been re-packaged and as well as being stylish and delectably decadent, many of the baking ingredients have their own health-promoting benefits and can be enjoyed on their own or in a multitude of different delights.

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Classic Barley Malt Extract

Once used as a post war tonic for children, our Barley Malt Extract also contains a complex mix of carbohydrates, trace elements and vitamins. A wonderful baking ingredient for creating that traditional taste, use it on porridge or stir into hot milk for a soothing evening beverage or in breadmaking to produce a well risen, good flavoured loaf.

Classic Crude Black Strap Molasses

Fantastic as a warm soothing beverage mixed with milk. A natural by-product of sugar-cane refining, molasses is great as a meat glaze, for use in BBQ sauces and in baking gingerbread and other delicious treats!

Organic Barley Malt Extract

Certified organic by the Soil Association, this version is made with Organic standards that prohibit the use of genetically modified ingredients and seek to avoid the routine use of artificial pesticides and fertilisers whilst promoting wildlife conservation.


Organic and Fairtrade Golden Syrup

Can be used for a myriad of different things – from drizzling over pancakes, waffles or ice-cream to baking traditional favourites such as flapjacks and treacle tarts. As it’s also Fairtrade certified, this syrup also guarantees a better deal for growers in the developing world.

Organic Black Treacle

Use our organic treacle in cakes, bread, toffee, biscuits, sauces, casseroles, Christmas cake and puddings.

Baking Recipes

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