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PLj to promote ‘Know Your Lemons’ campaign – October 2018

Iconic, sugar-free lemon and lime juice brand PLj is teaming up with Worldwide Breast Cancer (WBC) and Tenovus Cancer Care to help promote WBC’s ‘Know Your Lemons’ breast cancer awareness campaign in time for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. First launched in the 1950’s, primarily as a sugar-free drink that could aid a calorie-controlled diet, the PLj brand has recently been re-packaged but the contents have stayed the same. PLj know their lemons from a health perspective: as well as making a refreshing drink and as an ingredient in baking and cooking, each serving of these natural sugar-free cordials provides 75% of the RI of Vitamin C. Both the lemon and lime juice also contain many other health-giving qualities from improved skin to maintaining a healthy digestive system.

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Predominantly an on-line campaign ‘Know Your Lemons’ uses bright, intelligent imagery to educate people about the signs of breast cancer, with its’ main visual of 12 lemons in an egg box, each representing a different possible symptom. Healthy Food Brands, the manufacturers and distributors of PLj are bringing the campaign into the physical realm of everyday shoppers via the printing of ‘Know Your Lemons’ instructive tag -booklets around the necks of PLj bottles sold in supermarkets nationwide during the month of October. And each bottle of PLj sold will also contribute to the funding of ‘Know Your Lemons’ posters to be distributed in GPs’ surgeries and hospitals up and down the British Isles.

Tenovus Cancer Care will be displaying the poster in 62 of its’ charity shops in Wales, the Midlands and South West England and the shops will act as a distribution point for surgeries in the area. The poster will also, most importantly, be carrying their FREE nationwide Support Line telephone number for those who have concerns or questions arising from what they see.

Cliff Moss, MD of Healthy Food Brands, the manufacturer and distributor of PLj said, “Health is at the core of what we do and we’re honoured that PLj, a healthy, heritage brand, traditionally bought by women, is supporting the work of two such amazing charities in creating awareness of the signs of Breast Cancer – a campaign which literally saves lives.”

The campaign will launch 1st October 2018 to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month. For further information, please contact jules.robinson@healthysales.co.uk or Tel: 01403 786460.


Notes to Editors

1) ‘Know Your Lemons’ was designed by Dr. Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, is an initiative of Worldwide Breast Cancer, a global health charity focused on highlighting the possible symptoms of breast cancer and was designed by Corrine Beaumont who lost both of her grandmothers to breast cancer. For more information please visit www.knowyourlemons.com/press or contact Katherine Crawford-Gray, CEO Katherine@worldwidebreastcancer.org or call +1 646-379-1855.

2) Tenovus Cancer Care is the leading cancer charity in Wales. Scientists from Tenovus Cancer Care developed the use of Tamoxifen, now used worldwide to treat breast cancer, and Zoladex which treats prostate cancer. Alongside their ground-breaking research Tenovus Cancer Care have also developed a system of cancer support services including a Mobile Support Unit, Sing with Us Choirs and a nationwide Support Line For more information please visit www. tenovuscancercare.org.uk/ or contact Tim.Lewis@tenovuscancercare.org.uk

3) PLj is manufactured and distributed in the UK by Healthy Food Brands, part of the Healthy Sales Group which has been developing successful and healthy food and drinks brands for around 25 years. For us ‘good health’ is paramount. Everyone in the company has been affected by or knows someone who has breast cancer and we’re looking forward to further supporting Worldwide Breast Cancer’s ‘Know Your Lemons’ campaign and the wonderful work of Tenovus Cancer Care. For more information: jules.robinson@healthysales.co.uk Tel: 01403 786460.