Pastes & Savoury Mixes

At Free & Easy we understand that following a 'Free From’ lifestyle can make every day cooking feel restrictive, so this range helps keep the cupboards stocked with food you love. All of the products come with useful cooking tips, so you can make amazing meals that will wow your family. 

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Curry Pastes 

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A combination of tomatoes, onions, garlic and traditional curry spices. Warm but mild.


A mild paste that combines a delicious blend of coriander, tamarind and paprika.


A hot curry paste blending tomatoes, onions, garlic and traditional curry spices.

Rogan Josh 

Tomatoes, onions and traditional curry spices blended to make a medium-spiced bold curry paste.


Savoury Mixes 

Free & Easy Cheese Sauce

Free and Easy Cheese Sauce is low fat, celery, nut, wheat, gluten, dairy and mustard free and ready in 3 minutes. It’s good for macaroni cheese, lasagne and as a topping for vegetable dishes.

Free and Easy Vegetable Gravy

Free & Easy Vegetable Gravy is a blend of dried cereals and vegetables and is an easy way to make a rich, flavoured sauce. Add a hint of Rayner’s Red Wine Vinegar for added richness.

Free and Easy Egg Replacer

Gluten-free and vegan making it perfect for all kinds of home baking – from cakes and meringues to pancakes. It’s also low in fat and free from perservatives.

Free and Easy Falafel Mix

Made with a mixture of chickpeas and quinoa to create delicious falafel’s with an authentic texture and a lovely hint of coriander.