Ready Meals 

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A range of low-fat and organic ready meals, each with their own distinctive flavours, Free & Easy Ready Meals are inspired by dishes made around the world, from a hearty English hotpot to a Mexican inspired chilli or a tagine with a taste of Morocco. A culinary feast whatever the season!

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Sweet Potato, Coconut, Kale Curry

Recently added to the range, sweet potato and kale in mild spices with a creamy coconut sauce.

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Middle Eastern Chickpea Casserole

Brand new to the range, red peppers, onions, carrot and kale make up this middle eastern inspired rustic dish.

Three Bean Chilli

A mixture of haricot, cannellini and kidney beans covered in a medium chilli sauce.

balti 900.jpg

Vegetable Balti

Vegetables and beans in a distinctive rich sauce that combines ginger, garlic, cumin and coriander.

hotpot 900 .jpg

Chickpea and Vegetable Curry

A warm mix of spices with vegetables and chickpeas to make a medium spiced curry.

hot pot 930.jpg

Vegetable Hotpot 

A hearty mix of potatoes, carrots, celery and lentils in a tasty sauce.

Tagine 900.jpg

Chickpea and Bean Tagine

A rich Moroccan style stew cooked with onions, red peppers, raisins and traditional spices.

bean cassoulet 900.jpg

Bean Cassoulet

Haricot, pinto and cannellini beans in a rich and warming tomato sauce.