Cake Mixes

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All of our cakes have been designed by our in-house new product creator and chef Lizzy. She wanted to ensure that a 'free-from' diet didn't mean missing out on great flavour and texture. The whole range is gluten, soya and nut free, and by using coconut blossom sugar as much as possible, Lizzy has managed to create a much rounder and richer flavour to the cakes whilst cutting down the use of refined sugar.

Click the images below to find nutritional information on each product.

Lemon Drizzle Poppy Seed Cake

Newly added to the Free & Easy cake mix range, this is a fluffy sponge, made with a combination of coconut blossom and granulated sugar. The zesty citrus flavour is the perfect way to prolong the taste of summer.

Chocolate Cake

An indulgent chocolate cake with a rich texture, which makes it hard to believe it's sugar and dairy free, this guilt free tempting treat is naturally sweetened using Xylitol.

Ginger Cake

Lightly spiced with ginger and cloves, this sticky cake has a traditional flavour whilst avoiding common allergens.


Coffee Cake

Another great new addition added to the range, this tasty, aromatic coffee cake was created by popular request. 

Chocolate Brownie

Gooey, (depending on cooking times) and delicious, these tray baked treats are bound to go down a storm. 


Sponge Cake

A versatile sponge that can be used for cupcakes, Victoria sponge cake and vanilla loaf cake. You can easily add flavourings, dried fruit or chocolate chips to make a great cake, whatever the occasion. 

Carrot Cake

A proud winner of the Gold 'FreeFrom Food Award' in innovation, and proving popular with our customers, this deliciously moist carrot cake blends the warm taste of cinnamon with desiccated coconut.