Switchle is a NEW ‘Curiously-Crafted’ fermented soft drink based on a 17th Century US farmers traditional thirst-quencher known as ‘Switchel’. This consisted of water, honey and ginger added to apple cider vinegar and drunk on hot days whilst harvesting.


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Switchle is the only certified organic, fermented adult soft drink to provide premium-crafted, refreshment and natural sustained energy. There are three mouth-watering blends of sparkling spring water, apple cider vinegar ‘with mother’, organic honey, fruit juices and botanical extracts that will delight your taste buds, satisfy your thirst and fuel your body with natural goodness. 


Sugar Tax exempt, with only naturally occurring sugars from the fruit juices and honey, each drink contains broad health benefits, particularly for the gut and is just 55 calories. It’s also vegetarian, gluten-free and served in a 100% recyclable can. Switchle is currently available in all good independent health food shops as well as the places below. Click on the logos for more information.

Check out Switchle being featured on James Martin’s Saturday Morning ITV show!

Now this is nice because this one has a great combination - peach & ginger - absolutely made in heaven for each other! Swig it back, have another one, have another one. This is the most refreshing, the most delicious and the lovely tingle of ginger just lingers and lingers and lingers.
— Oz Clarke